Comprising of prominent figures from the world of publishing, our small but special stable of handpicked pros is among the best in the business. Bringing our unique skills together, just for you, we are the Master Storytellers.

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Nick Boulos has spent more than 20 years writing for the world’s most respected titles. He started his career at the BBC, interviewing stars such as Mariah Carey, Ricky Gervais and Sarah Jessica Parker. Later he turned his attention to travel writing, completing assignments to more than 115 countries and winning multiple awards including Travel Writer of the Year. Master Storytellers was born from his solemn regret that he never got to learn more about the life of his late and much-missed grandmother.


Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Dame Helen Mirren, Madonna, Sir Richard Branson and so many others… the roster of A-listers who we have sat down with would make any chat show host green with envy. Beyond that, many have also led candid conversations with war heroes, world leaders and even high-profile kidnap victims, helping each of them to tell their tales respectfully and sensitively.


Whether under their own names or on behalf of others, our authors and ghostwriters have produced countless titles that have won rave reviews and climbed the bestsellers’ list. From fiction to self-help books and travelogues, their work is sold around the world. In many cases, they work directly alongside celebrities to ghostwrite their official autobiographies - in exactly the same way as they do with our clients.


A good book needs a good editor. Any writer worth their salt will tell you that. Tasked with ensuring the structure and narrative arc of the book is the best it can possibly be, our eagle-eyed editors call upon decades of experience masterminding and proofreading the pages of popular magazines to ensure there’s quality in every single sentence. Between them they have more than half a century on national magazines, winning awards along the way. Their attention to detail is not to be underestimated.


Ensuring we offer style as well as substance, our graphic gurus have designed the front covers of bestselling books and magazines. Their dynamic approach to design helps create striking visuals that capture the spirit of each book and its subject. The team is headed up by our fabulous Creative Director, Elizabeth Edwards, who spent two decades as part of the art department at Conde Nast.


Are you ready for your close up? Posing for the cameras is not always a comfortable experience but our warm and welcoming photographers are the perfect people to put you at ease and capture your best side. Whether you choose to be photographed in a studio environment, at home or on location, you will receive the same professionalism that these sensational snappers adopt when working for glossy magazines. Now, strike a pose…


Completing the Master Storytellers family are our printing partners. Having searched high and low for the perfect printers, we are thrilled to work closely with a company who share our love of the written word and take great pride in binding together high-grade, luxurious paper to create truly beautiful books. Options include hardback, paperback in a variety of paper finishes, and leather bound books.


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