It wouldn't be right to say she lived her life to the full. Far too many people use that phrase. She lived her life with a magic few can even dream of, even in face of death. And she laughed. Oh, how she laughed.
Saying goodbye is among the heaviest and most complex of challenges that life throws at us. Lovingly and sensitively told, our memorial books are designed to pay tribute to the dearly departed in a way like never before. Some books take the form of a memoir, tracing the person’s life using sources and materials available to us, while others focus instead on moments of the most significance.
Arguably the most touching of all is our signature short stories book in which we craft a special collection of treasured memories and anecdotes. Gathered from family, friends and co-workers, these otherwise lost moments come together to create a rich, revealing and emotional portrayal to ensure the spirit of a loved-one is never forgotten.

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Given the nature of these tributes, our writers are often faced with a unique set of challenges but aim overcome each with respect and dignity. Capable of asking even the most emotional of questions with remarkable sensitivity, their experience writing stories about loss, without dwelling too much on the sorrow to create an uplifting body of work, is a skill few possess.

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A quick chat with our team will establish the kind of book you want to create after which you will be connected to a professional writer best suited for the project. The research phase will be done in a way that is more appropriate.


The basis of the book starts to take shape, as recollections and memories are put to paper and layered with detail, poetic prose and historic and cultural context. This is all in a bid to create a piece of literature that stands on its own merit.


How would you like your book to look? The possibilities are almost endless. We can work our magic with one of your own personal snaps to create a cover that fits the desired tone. Or perhaps a sketch or simple illustration.


With the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted and one final read through by our editors, it’s offer to the printers. The book – be it hardback or paper – will be published on top grade paper and securely delivered to your home address. Ready to be shared with friends and family.

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The word ‘emotional’ doesn’t even come close. Thank you for creating something so beautiful.
Tia W, Surrey

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