The old man stepped out of the darkness and into the middle of the vast, empty tomb. Closing his eyes, he began to sing; the mellifluous tones sliding down the ancient walls like honey…
There are few things in life more empowering than venturing to far-flung lands. The sights, sounds and sensations often last a lifetime but successfully capturing that 'sense of place' is no easy feat and one that often evades even the most intrepid of travellers.
Writing a journal, poetic postcard or status update is a far cry from a richly layered book that transports armchair travellers straight to the sands of the Sahara or the plains of Patagonia.
Thankfully help is at hand in the form of award-winning travel writers, journalists and broadcasters. Whether you want to document your entire gap year or tell the story of a week’s walking holiday in the Alps, we can summon the very essence of adventure on every page.

A bit About Us


Having visited almost every country in the world and won countless awards for their exotic and evocative tales, our intrepid band of professional travel writers live and breathe new cultures and experiences. Some of the titles they have been published in include National Geographic, the Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Lonely Planet, Wanderlust and The Times.

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A quick chat with our team will establish the kind of book you want to create after which you will be connected to a professional travel writer best suited for the project. A number of informal interview sessions, covering your memories, will arm the writer with the foundations of the book.


Much of the magic happens here, as your recollections and experiences are developed further and layered with gorgeous detail, poetic prose, memorable anecdotes and historic and cultural context. This is all in a bid to create a piece of literature that stands on its own merit.


How would you like your book to look? The possibilities are almost endless. We can photograph you professionally or use one of your own personal snaps for the cover. Want something else entirely? No problem. How about an exclusive image from one of our award-winning travel photographers?


With the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted and one final read through by our editors, it’s offer to the printers. Your book – be it hardback or paper – will be published on top grade paper and securely delivered to your home address. Ready to be popped pride of place on your coffee table.

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Anna has created a laugh-out-loud account of my eventful roadtrip through Utah. It was like she was there with us in the car.
Joby B, Los Angeles

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