and, so, after a lifetime of searching I had finally found it. And in such a place, right under my nose the entire time, who would have thought it? Instinctively I touched my wedding ring and looked up at the softening sky, full of gratitude for all that I had learnt.
There’s not a single one of us who has not experienced each of these and so many more. No matter your age, our memoirs and life stories are designed to be insightful, celebratory and even a little bit shocking. The tone and structure is determined by you, choosing between a chronological book covering all or part of your life or alternatively chapters detailing various key moments in either the first or third person.
It’s up to you to be as candid and open as you wish but rest assured our writers will tread carefully and treat each situation with the respect it deserves. The end result promises to be a rollercoaster of a read, full of twists and turns. A bit like life itself.

A bit About Us


With credits that include Vogue, the New York Times, Daily Mail, The Guardian and Vanity Fair, our profile writers are blessed with the ability to get to the heart of any given subject and present people and events on the page with warmth, depth and integrity. Painting a picture with words, these award-winning writers pride themselves on delivering highly original and vivid copy with not a cliche in sight.


Great effort is also taken to capture the subject’s character and voice, in everything from mannerisms to the turn of phrase. This is easily one of the most important aspects of any world-class biography.

Get Started


A quick chat with our team will establish the kind of book you want to create after which you will be connected to a professional writer best suited for the project. A number of relaxed and informal interview sessions, covering your memories, will arm the writer with the foundations of the book.


Much of the magic happens here, as your recollections and experiences are developed further and layered with gorgeous detail, poetic prose, memorable anecdotes alongside historic and cultural context. This is all in a bid to create a piece of literature that stands on its own merit.


How would you like your book to look? The possibilities are almost endless. We can photograph you professionally or use one of your own personal snaps for the cover. Want something else entirely? No problem. How about an exclusive illustration designed just for you?


With the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted and one final read through by our editors, it’s offer to the printers. Your book – be it hardback or paper – will be published on top grade paper and securely delivered to your home address. Ready to be popped pride of place on your coffee table.

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I can’t believe I have my own life story. I feel like a celebrity!
Susan D, Edinburgh

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