I gripped the steering wheel and stared ahead in a daze, oblivious to the beeping car behind. How had it come to this? How had everything I worked for crumbled away so quickly?
No road to glory is smooth and our range of books dedicated to professional success highlights the many ups and downs of that tumultuous journey. Whether it’s rags to riches (or riches to rags), the dream of running a market stall or a multi-national corporation, or a candid look back at a career coming to an close we can fill your story with pace, energy and lessons learned.
An ever-lasting momento of your working life, possibly with contributions from fellow colleagues past and present, can be a fitting tribute to the hard work and sacrifices that played a part.

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With credits including CNN and the Financial Times and a list of interviewees that features business titans and prominent figures such as Sir Richard Branson, Tommy Hilfiger, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Apprentice star Lord Sugar, our pedigree writers know what it takes to be successful. So who better to tap into that insatiable mix of ambition, vision and fearlessness that is often required to reach the top?

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A quick chat with our team will establish the kind of book you want to create after which you will be connected to a professional writer best suited for the project. A number of relaxed and informal interview sessions, at a time to suit you, will arm the writer with the foundations of the book.


Much of the magic happens here, as your recollections and experiences are developed further and layered with in-depth detail, dramatic moments alongside social and personal context. This is all in a bid to create a piece of literature that stands on its own merit.


How would you like your book to look? The possibilities are almost endless. We can photograph you behind your desk, in your jet or even on the factory floor. Want something else entirely? No problem. Ask us about our cutting edge graphics.


With the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted and one final read through by our editors, it’s offer to the printers. Your book – be it hardback or paper – will be published on top grade paper and securely delivered to your home address. Ready to be popped pride of place on the boardroom table.

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Reading my own story is a surreal yet sensational feeling.
Elizabeth P, London

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