Big and small, thick and thin, black, white and everything in between… Our books come in all sorts of wonderful variations.

The one thing that unites them all together though is a sense of story. Written to the same standard as those you find in bookshops, each is crafted with emotion and drama and weighed down with insight and historical accuracy.

Our travelogues and career titles are packed with pace and energy while our memoirs, tributes and love stories delicately dance between poignancy and promise.

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Nick Boulos has spent more than 20 years interviewing celebrities and writing features for the world’s most respected titles. Focusing primarily on travel (he has been on assignment to more than 115 countries), he has won multiple awards including Travel Writer of the Year. Master Storytellers was born from his solemn regret that he never got to learn more about the life of his late and much-missed grandmother.


Stars of stage, screen and sport, and even royalty, our interviewers have worked with the best of them - even chatting and rubbing shoulders with A-listers at the Oscars. Our authors have written critically acclaimed titles under their own names and ghostwritten many successful celebrity biographies. You may have even read one or two…


Led by our fabulous Creative Director, Elizabeth Edwards who spent two decades designing titles at Conde Nast, our handpicked visual team have produced bold work for iconic magazines and the covers of bestselling books. Meanwhile, our photographers are masters at getting even the most well-known faces to relax in front of the lens.


The unsung heroes of publishing, no story would be possible without the skills of a decent editor and proofreader. Luckily, we have the cream of the crop. Between them they have more than half a century editing national magazines and newspaper sections, winning awards and accolades along the way. Their flair and attention to detail is second to none.

Just a few of the media outlets we’ve worked with


What a wonderful experience! Reliving so many moments of my life was emotional but beautiful.
Delores K, Brooklyn

The perfect present. Whether a big birthday, milestone anniversary, retirement or any other important occasion, presenting someone special with the rare opportunity to have their story retold by true publishing professionals is a gift like no other.

A luxury gift box reveals all the exciting details. Inside, the recipient will find a personalised card and welcome letter plus a beautiful brochure outlining the extraordinary experience that awaits them and how to get started.

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