Bespoke biographies
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Stories. We’ve all got one.

Yet so many extraordinary tales go untold. Until now…

From moving memoirs and alluring adventures to rousing romances and tear-jerking tributes, our award-winning creative team know a thing or two about telling a good story. We’ve interviewed Oscar winners, superstar singers, world leaders and war heroes. We’ve penned bestselling books, written for the world’s most respected newspapers and designed the pages of iconic magazines.

Now, for the first time ever, that same A-list treatment is available to you.

Expertly skilled to capture your voice perfectly, our unique approach covers every aspect of your book. Why is all this so important?

Because your stories matter.


The A-list Treatment

Just some of the famous
faces our talented team
has worked with


From Oscar winners and war heroes to golden Olympians, superstar singers and titans of the business world, our handpicked band of journalists, ghostwriters and editors have interviewed some of the most famous names in the world, written for the most respected titles and authored books that have topped the bestsellers’ list.


Our graphic designers, meanwhile, have been responsible for the front covers of some of the world’s biggest magazines and our photographers have captured the portraits of the rich and famous. Alongside unrivalled customer service and attention to detail, you can be assured you and your precious stories are in the safest of hands.

No matter how simple or elaborate, we produce books to the highest quality.
Every element of our unique process is bespoke to you. Here’s how it works…

Your personal Book Project Manager will guide you through the entire process. A telephone scoping session - specially designed to understand your vision for the book - will enable us to determine every detail, from the structure and narrative style to the number of pages, interview sessions and even how many copies you would like.

Your Book Project Manager will also outline the various options available to you, including having one of our celebrity photographers capture your portrait for the cover. The author best suited to you before and the style of book will then be assigned ahead of the interview stage beginning.


From Oscar winners and world leaders to war heroes, superstar singers and titans of the business world, our interviewers have worked with some of the world’s most prolific individuals and are unique skilled to carefully and sensitively extract all the details needed to create a gripping and memorable read.

Putting you perfectly at ease, our informal (and confidential) chats can take place either in person, on the phone or by video call – whichever you’re most comfortable with.

Then our acclaimed ghostwriters – responsible for writing bestselling biographers – get to work transforming the transcript into a page-turner that perfectly captures your voice and character. A sample chapter will be sent for your approval, to ensure you’re happy with the tone before we continue with the manuscript.


We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but we just can’t help ourselves... That’s why we use only the most talented and creative graphic designers in the business, to create beautiful books inside and out.

When it comes to the perfect front cover, there are various options available. You can choose to pose for one of our acclaimed photographers, either at a studio, your home or a scenic outdoor location. Alternatively you can supply your own imagery – perhaps one from your archives - or maybe you’d prefer an illustration or bold graphic instead.

Whatever you decide, we guide you every step of the journey.


This is where everything starts to take shape. With the manuscript and artwork now complete and approved, the entire project is given one final and very thorough going-over by our eagle-eyed production team. With unique skills gathered over decades working on prestigious newspapers and magazines, our professional proofreaders can spot a spelling mistake at 100 paces.

Then it’s off to the printers. Using high quality paper and the finest binding, whether hardback or paper, you can be sure that your biography will be every inch as impressive as those found in bookshops across the land.

And if it’s good enough for them...

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Creating something special doesn’t have to stop at the publication of your bespoke biography. Make it really special by turning the manuscript into an e-book readable on Kindles and other devices or an audiobook, read by yourself or one of our professional voiceover artists some of whom have recorded for Audible.

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I never imagined that my life story could be put together with such love and attention to detail. I’m thrilled that my memories and experiences will live on for generations to come.
Gillian B, London

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Giving back

Here at Master Storytellers, we believe giving back is important.

We want to help as many people as possible share their stories and that’s why we work closely with local charities and hospices to offer those with terminal conditions the chance to leave a lasting gift for the loved ones they leave behind.

Donating a portion of our profits to fund this important project enables families around the world to come together in touching moments of reflection, revelation and celebration.

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